Euro NCAP awards for the 4th October 2004.

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Euro NCAP is driving vehicle manufacturers to make safer cars - says one of the most powerful men in the motor industry.

Louis Schweitzer, Chairman and CEO of Renault, paid tribute to the enormous strides in vehicle safety brought about by Euro NCAP - Europe's pioneering safety organisation.

Speaking at The Paris Motor Show, Mr Schweitzer said that the organisation had the respect of the motoring industry and was playing a vital role in driving innovation to make cars safer.

"Euro NCAP is driving us to make safer cars," said Mr. Schweitzer.

He told Euro NCAP Chairman, Prof. Claes Tingvall that the industry's and the public's attitude to safety had changed radically in recent years.

"Five years ago safety was a very low consideration when buying a new car," said Mr. Schweitzer, "it is one of the most important factors."

"The industry respects the work of Euro NCAP - we all think that it is fair - it has created a level playing field for manufacturers.

"Euro NCAP provides the facts that either back or buck manufacturers' claims about a car - it provides a vital reality check."

The comments came as Euro NCAP Chairman Claes Tingvall, presented Mr. Schweitzer with official certification marking the award of five stars for occupant safety to the Renault Modus - the first Supermini to receive this status.

Prof. Tingvall said: "Renault deserves credit for its continued quest to build safer cars. This is the seventh five star award to be made to the company - a real milestone in motoring,

"Euro NCAP is making major inroads in ensuring that safety is one of the essential market forces driving change in car design and manufacture.

"We will not leave it just to legislation - but will continue to allow the public to make informed choices when making a purchase decision."

The full Euro NCAP Phase 15 results will be available on November 25th.

Note to Editors

Organisations participating in Euro NCAP include the Departments of Transport of Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Catalonia as well as the European Commission, the FIA Foundation, the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC), Thatcham representing the British Motor Insurers and the International Consumer Research and Testing (ICRT) on behalf of the European consumer organisations.

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